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Uploading Android App To Google PlayStore – Video Tutorial

Hey android developer brothers, Do you really want to know how to upload android app to Google Play? If yes then here you are on right place. Before uploading, you will need to have Google Play Developer Console account where you will upload android app to playstore and that account will cost you $25 for first signing up. If you have already an account but troubling with uploading an apk then don’t worry about it, I will show you how to upload android app to Google Play Developer Console. Follow the steps below to upload your app to Google Play,

Generate Signed Apk

The very first thing is to generate singed apk of your android app because Google Play only accept release version of apk not the debug version apk. So after generating signed apk, you will have app-release.apk which is acceptable by Google play. Read the following post to complete this step,

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Uploading Android App

Once you generate signed apk, now its time to uploading it to Google PlayStore. Here is few steps to be done.

  • Login to Google Play Developer Console account.
  • Click on Add new application.
  • Write Title of your app and click on Upload APK
  • Click on Upload your first APK to Production and browse your app-release.apk file from Android Studio Projects.
  • Depending on you android app size, uploading will takes some time and once its completed, move to next options as follow,

Store Listing : In the store listing option, you will need to give product details and some basics things in order to proceed next step. Fields marked with * need to be filled before publishing.Following are the fields,

  • Title
  • Short description
  • Full description
  • Screenshots
  • Hi-res icon
  • Feature Graphic
  • Application type
  • Category
  • Content rating
  • Email
  • Privacy Policy

Content Rating : In this option, you will need to fill content rating form questions. As they said, “The rating system includes official ratings from the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) and its participating bodies”.

Pricing & Distribution : In this option, you can set price if your application is paid or can offer it for free. You can also distribute your app worldwide or in particular countries as you wish. There are two other fields marked with * which can be ticked before publishing app to Google PlayStore.

After following all above steps, Hit the Publish app button and you are done. Remember that Google Play team will take review on it and if the team found no violation, then it will be published to Google PlayStore in next few hour. Therefore people can download it and that’s how to publish android app on Google PlayStore.  If you are still facing any trouble, watch video tutorial below.

Uploading Android App Video Tutorial

Final Words

This is how to upload android app to Google Play and if you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and also subscribe us for more updates. If you have any question or query, ask me via commenting below and we will give you response as soon as possible and we love to reply back and hear from you. Thank you for your time 🙂


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