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How To Link Google Analytics With Android Apps [Video Tutorial]

Hey friends, In previous tutorial we discussed about uploading android app to Google playstore. Similarly, today we will Insha-Allah learn how to link google analytics with it to get more insight or statistics of your app. Actually linking with google analytics let us know about users of our app, countries of users, which app version users currently installed, total users installs vs number of unique installs including how they discover your app and what devices they use and many more insights and information you can get once if you have linked your app with google analytics.

linking google analytics with android app

Don’t know how to get linked with google analytics? Don’t worry about it here I will teach you in step by step even you can watch video tutorial as well.

Linking Google Analytics with Android App

Before linking your app, you will need login both Google Analytic and Google Play Developer Console accounts. Simply follow the steps below to start linking,

  • First of all  Sign in to your Google Analytics Account and select the Admin tab.
  • Under Account > Property click All Products.
  • Under Google Play, hit Adjust Link button.
  • Select the apps you want to see data for in this property.
    If you don’t have any apps selected, you cannot link Analytics to Google Play. At least one app must be selected for the accounts to be linked.
  • Configure the link, and click Apply.

Congratulation, you have successfully done all the steps and you are ready to catch all statistics / insights of your android app.

Remember : After couple of days, you will see statistics of your android in your Google Play Developers Console Account.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

Final Words

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