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How to Install JDK (java Development Kit) on Windows

Previously, we have discussed about installing android studio and their basic environment setting and today we are going to learn how to install JDK (java Development Kit) on windows. JDK is used for writing Java codes & programs which comes in while developing android apps or using android studio and thus JDK is must while working with any Java related programs whether its android studio, eclipse and NetBeans etc. Many Java developers have already installed JDK on their system for developing java programs.

JDK is now named as Java SE which has come up with many version but here we need latest one for our system right now. The latest and standard edition is probably Java SE 8 / JDK 8. Here are some of simple easy steps to begin downloading and installing right one JDK for your computer system.

Downloading & Installing JDK 8

Following are the steps to install JDK on your windows OS all you need is,

  1. Click on Install Java SE 8 to visit official website of ORACLE.
  2. Find Java Platform (JDK) 8u65 / 8u66 and hit download button.jdk step by step download
  3. You will be redirecting to Java SE Development Kit downloads page. Here you will need to find the latest version called Java SE Development Kit 8u65. Tick on Accept License Agreement and choose the right product/File Description according to your windows operating system.
  4. Once you have find the accurate one, hit download link and your downloading will be starts.
  5. After you have successfully downloading file, install it on your system and enjoy.

That’s all done. You can now run and work with java programs comfortably. This latest version of JDK handle all kind of servers like JRE. You don’t need to download any other piece of programs for java programs anymore.

Once again JDK (Java Development Kit) is a software for java developers which is quite helpful in case of using android studio. Since android development required java coding for developing application, therefore JDK should must be installed on your operating system for that purpose.

Why to Install only Java SE or JDK?

Software Developers: JDK (Java SE Development Kit). For Java Developers. Includes a complete JRE plus tools for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications. (Source Oracle)

This is how to download and install JDK on your system windows. Let me know if something is missed or need some quick fix & help using comment section below.

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