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How To Install and Configure Basics of Android Studio? Android Development Tutorial

We know Android Studio is used for development of android application which is also called IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for android development. Before android studio, there was software named Eclipse which was used for same purpose but different between android studio and eclipse are about latest features and some important updates. I don’t know exact reason why eclipse was replaced with android studio, However, In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install android studio and their important tools and packages which helps us to get started with android developing.

Most complex thing in android development is setting up the android development environment and their tools, recommended packages etc. Here we have some clear points should be follow to make It easy for yourself.

Get the Android Studio

Click on Download Android Studio and Sdk Tools to begin downloading the android studio from their official website. Don’t worry about finding exact version for your operating system because they will automatically detect your operating system and will give you link for downloading android studio. You should have look at their requirements first before downloading and once you have successfully download it, begin to installing it on your system. (File size is approximately 1.05Gb)

Installing Android Studio

Welcome to Android Studio Wizard
Welcome to Android Studio Wizard

Now after downloading android studio, we have to install it on our system. Double click on downloaded file which should be named something like android-studio-bundle-141.215484-window.exe. After verifying the installer, your installation will be start and once you have successfully done all the steps then you will see Welcome to Android Studio wizard. Here you have to do following things to make things easy,

  • If you have an old android sample code, import it to android studio by click on “Import and android sample code”.
  • You can also import old project of your (Eclipse adt, Gradle etc.)
  • To install SDK tools and packages, click on Configure > SDK Manager and install recommended packages. ( Click on Recommended Packages )
  • You’re almost done but keep in mind that downloading SDK tools and packages will takes approximately hours to download and install it..

Android SDK Tools

Watch Video Tutorial for better understanding :

So this is the short and handy guide about downloading, installing and setting up the Android Studio on your operating system, In our next tutorials, we will be talking about how to create Hello World android app with detail and some other important requirements of using android studio for android application development.

Important Announcement

This is our quick announcement to let you know about some of the upcoming tutorials and posts related to android development. Insha-Allah we will trying our best to share our knowledge and experience about android development that we learned so far and more than you expecting right now. So I hope you people will surely enjoying our upcoming tutorials about android development and will be able to develop your own android app soon. Thank you brothers for reading and enjoy Android Studio for today. Good Bye 🙂

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