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How to Create Your First Android App – Hello World App

New to android development? If yes then here you are on right place. We are going to discuss about creating first android application using android studio briefly. In last couple of posts, we did shared complete method to install android studio and JDK (Java Development Kit) on windows. After installing android studio and basics SDK packages on your system, the very next thing is comes how to create Hello World app. Now let’s get started.

first android app

What do you need?

Before creating an android app, you will need some of the basics knowledge about following languages,

  • Basic of XML
  • Basic of Java
  • Basic of Android Studio

If you have some knowledge about these programming languages then you are very very good to go. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with these programming languages then don’t worry about it, you can still create your first android app just you need to follow our step by step guide.

Step by Step Guide To Create First Android App

Once you have successfully download and install android studio and their SDK bundle packages on your operating system, then you can easily proceed forward & develop your first android application by following steps below,

  1. Open the android studio and wait till Welcome to Android Studio Wizard ( It may takes several minutes to complete loading)
  2. Once it appears, Click on Start a new Android Studio Project right under Quick Start ( See Screenshot for help)welcome to android studio wizard
  3. In New Project Window, we have three important things here named Application name, Company domain and Project location
  • Application name : Obviously here we will type our application name which can be anything. (As we wrote name My First App in above snapshot)
  • Company domain : It will be your domain name as well as package name of your application. ( For example, we wrote it as COM)
  • Project location : A location where you project will be saved. For now Leave it as is default location is C:usersusernameAndroidStudioProjectsMyFirstApp
  1. Now after clicking next button, Target Android Devices window will be open. Here we have to choose minimum SDK or API for our app so let’s target Minimum SDK API 9: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and hit next button.
  2. In Add an activity to Mobile window, simply select the Blank Activity and hit next button. android blank activity
  3. In Customize the Activity window, the best way to customize your activity is to leave all four options as default. For example Activity Name : MainActivity, Layout Name: activity_main, Title: Main Activity, Menu Resource Name : menu_main. And then simply hit finish button and you’re done.customize the activity

Note : Your project will may takes several minutes to complete building files and other components. Once it done, you will have Mainactivity.java tab with Java codes and activity_main.xml tab with Xml codes. Following are the files looks like with coding,




Watch Video Tutorial

Final Words

You have successfully created your first android app there is nothing else to do with coding just you need to run it on your real android device or on emulator. You application will look likefirst android app

Insha-Allah in our next tutorial we will be looking to work with emulator and real device means how to connect and run your application on emulator and on real device with android studio.

Let me know if you have any question or query related to this using comment and we love to reply your precious comments 🙂

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