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Generate Signed Apk Using Android Studio Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn how to generate signed Apk using android studio. Have you ever wonder why to generate signed apk of android app? What does it mean or where it could be use? Well, signed apk is very important when it comes to publishing app on google playstore. Whenever android app reached to an end, it is must to generate signed apk otherwise we can’t publish it on google playstore. So now let see how to get signed apk using android studio.

generate signed apk android studio

Generate Signed Apk Example

It is very easy to get signed apk just you need follow the following steps below,

Open then android studio & then your desire project. Wait for few minutes that your project finish loading.

Before making certain changes, create new folder (with any name) either on desktop or anywhere you want for key store. ( it will be the key store path )

In the left of android studio under project window, click Build Variants tab & change debug to release. (wait few moments to finish gradle building)

generate signed apk android

In the upper toolbar menu, click on Build > Generate Signed Apk & then click on Create New. Browse the folder that we have created earlier for key store path. Give any name & then click ok to create jks file.

generate signed apk android tutorial

Now type any of your password in all boxes along with alias name. Fill the certificate form & then click ok – Hit next button (that’s it)

generate signed apk tutorial

Wait for couple of minutes that android studio finish their loading after that pop up window will be appear which shows location of singed apk (release apk).

We have video tutorial for you, watch & enjoy

This is how to generate signed apk using android studio. If you found this post helpful then please subscribe our blog for more stuff. Let me know if you have any question using comments below.

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