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Android Splash Screen Tutorial Using Android Studio

In this tutorial, we are going to create splash startup screen using android studio. Have you ever wondered how does splash screen appears before MainActivity (Home Screen)? You may notice when an application is first open, it show quick startup screen before launching main activity. This quick startup screen could be anything your app/ your company logo for few seconds but unfortunately, we don’t have ready-made code mechanism in android studio for this purpose as compared to iOS. So let create splash screen manually in this quick post.

splash screen android app

How to Create Splash Screen for android app?

To create splash screen project for your android app, copy and paste the codes below to your project to create one of amazing splash screen project.

Open the android studio, create New Project and give Application Name ‘SplashScreen’ to it.

Leave the activity name as by default ‘MainActivity’ and hit the finish button to build the project.

Now create new Java Class under Java folder by right clicking on your package name > New > Java Class. We can give name ‘’ to it. Copy & paste following code.


Similarly, create xml file under res folder by right clicking on layout > New > Layout resource file. We can give name ‘splash.xml’ to it. Copy & paste following code.



Make sure you have put an image in your drawable folder & image name should be ‘your_image’ as we mentioned in xml file.

In AndroidManifest.xml, we have to add both activities & splash.xml by which our splash screen would be appear before MainActivity (Home Screen). After adding some codes, AndroidManifest.xml will be,



Keep in mind that & activity_main.xml will not be modified. So leave both as it is by default. For precaution, coding will looks as following




That’s it, now run your app & Insha-Allah you will see a splash screen of few seconds showing an image before launching home screen. Your project about splash screen has been successfully completed once if you followed our above steps. If you have any trouble, watch our video tutorial below

Watch Video Tutorial

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  1. Hey Saeed, I have tried the code and it works, however after the splash screen, it says that it “Unfortunately stopped.” Any idea on how to fix this. Thanks in advance.

  2. This does not work for me as the file states an error on the override word. It states that the method does not override from the super class

    • Wow it was a stupid spelling mistake. Got the error gone but when i run this on my phone it gives me a white blank splash screen instead of my image whereas when i use the emulator it gives me the referred drawable

  3. Hi Saeed,on it keeps telling me cannot resolve symbol “action_settings” and (, menu);…(the 1st “menu). Please help

  4. Hi Saeed, i have tried your code. but unfortunately getting black screen, what may be the problem?

  5. Hi Saeed, i have tried with your code, but getting only white screen, what may be the problem?

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