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Android Custom ListView Example with Images [Video Tutorial]

In this android development tutorial, we will learn how to create awesome ListView for android app along with images (thumbnail). I think more than 90% android apps are consist of listview I have seen so far. I have been searching for a while to learn how to create custom listview or was trying to get some ready made code from somewhere for this purpose. Fortunately I got many beautiful listview example after searching and spending to many times on internet. If you are reading this tutorial, you are on right way just follow the below steps and get the code to create one of amazing listview.

android custom listview

Create New Project

  • You will need to create new project and Application Name should be ‘ListView’.
  • Activity to Mobile should be selected as ‘Blank Activity’.
  • Leave the Activity Name by default as ‘MianActivity’.
  • And rest of the things or configuration up to you whether you want to change it or not. (Will suggest you to leave it by default)
  • Once you done all things, hit Finish button to create project.

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Implement Android ListView with Images

Ok so you have created the project with name of ‘ListView’. Now all you need is copy the code below and paste it on your project.

Create new Java Class with name of ‘’ and copy the code below & paste it over there.


Similarly, create Layout resource file with name of ‘mylist.xml’ & copy the code below & paste it over there.



In, we have to give item name along with pictures. Make sure you have put pictures in your drawable folder otherwise it will give error. In short, copy the code below and paste it in your


Finally we are adding ListView in our activity_main.xml. Just copy & paste following code in


Watch Video Tutorial Here

Run your Android App

Now we have successfully created android Custom ListView just one step away. Run your app and Insha-Allah you will get what you wanted. Our custom ListView should looks like

android custom listviewI hope you did found this tutorial helpful and please let me know if you have any trouble while developing custom  android ListView. I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks & enjoy Custom ListView 🙂

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