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Adding Interstitial Ad in Android Application – Video Tutorial

Interstitial Ads are full screen ads that cover whole interface of that their hosts app. To increase revenue from your android app, adding interstitial ad is the best option from admob network. As previously, we discussed about integrating admob ad banner in android app, similarly today we will integrate Interstitial ad in android application.

interstitial ad sample

In this tutorial, we will simply create a project where only one single button will be added. When the user hit button, it will show full ad screen which is Interstitial ad. So here we will integrate it as example and thus you can get clear ideas to add in your real android application.

Interstitial Ad Video Tutorial Here

Lets Get Started

  • Create a Project
  • Download Google Play Services Library
  • Copy & Paste a Project

Create a Project

First of all we should create a new project for this purpose. Keep in mind that all project name should exactly accurate and same as mentioned below.

  • Application Name : Interstitial Ad
  • Activity Name : MainActivity
  • Layout Name : activity_main
  • Package Name : net.android_development_tutorial.interstitialad

And then simply hit the Finish button to build your project.

Download Google Play Services Library

It is important to download latest Google Play Services Library from SDK Manager. There are two ways to find SDK Manager. The first one is SDK Manager icon in the toolbar as you can see in screenshot below.

sdk manager icon

 The second one is when you navigate to Tools > Android > SDK Manager. Now find the Google Play Services in Extras tab and install them if you haven’t  already.

google play services

Copy & Paste the Project

We will add some coding here to construct interstitial ad in MainActivity.Java | Copy and Paste the following coding in your project.

Please Note : You will need to get Admob publisher Ad Unit Id from your own account. The listed below one is default one from admob.

Now Lets add button in activity_main.xml when user click on it, it show interstitial ad.

In build.gradle, add dependencies of Goolge Play Services.

Now Finally modify AndroidManifest.xml with internet permission and include the Adactivity configuration changes.

Run The App

Now Its time to run the project to see whether it show interstitial ad when a button get clicked. Of-course it does, the interstitial ad will look like as below snapshot.

interstitial ad sample

 If you still have some question or have issue while creating project, please let us know we will get to you asap. Thanks

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